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    Our PPR systems 100% adopts Borealis鈥?professional PPR materials, without adding any additive or recycled materials, conforming with European Union’s standard of EN ISO15874, and Germany standard of DIN8077, 8078’s requirements, can be used for 50 years after normal installation. PPR special production line using automatic control system ensures pipe’s stable quality, long term service environment at 70 鈩?and instantaneous temperature could reach 95鈩? completely fulfill the requirements of building鈥檚 hot water supply system.
    We owned a national-level CNAS laboratory and a strict QC system to ensure product quality and safety.
    Hydrostatic Test
    according to different temperature, different pressure, different media to test the pipe, pipe performance indicators.
    Simply Supported Beam Impact Test
    It is used to test the impact toughness of different materials.
    Melt flow rate
    The scale of the fluidity of thermoplastics during melting can be used to characterize the fluidity, molecular weight and crystallinity of the melt.
    Oxidation induction time
    Indicators to characterize the anti-aging properties of materials.
    Why Choose Us ?
    Manufacturing Factory
    High quality
    Professional Team
    Global Exhibition
    Small order
    100% timely delivery
    Competitive price
    PPR pipe and fittings work for:
    1. Cold & Hot installations, in Residences, Complexes, Apartments, Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools etc.
    2. Industrial, transportation of corrosive fluids (like acids) and liquid foods etc.
    3. Agriculture and Horticulture.
    4. Compressed air plants.
    5. Swimming pools.
    6. Rain Water harvesting and utilization systems.Wholesale Ppr Pipe

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