• The PCR tube is highly optimized to achieve excellent PCR Supplies performance in various thermal cyclers. These innovative and RNase-free PCR tubes are the results of years of research on the best design of PCR tubes, coupled with meticulous craftsmanship to ensure that each product is as perfect as the first product. The results speak for…[Citește mai mult]

  • Automatic classification of granite tiles through colour and texture features

    This paper is about the development of an expert system for automatic classification of granite tiles through computer vision. We discuss issues and possible solutions related to image acquisition, robustness against noise factors, extraction of visual features and…[Citește mai mult]


    The kids have only been in school for two months, but the papers and artwork are piling up. Normally I keep a select pieces of artwork and recycle the rest (after the kids are in bed). This year I’m taking a different approach. Armed with my Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S6, I’m taking pictures of their…[Citește mai mult]

  • Calculation Inductance of Toroidal Inductor Wound by Rectangular Cross-Sectional Wire

    In this article, we present two methods for calculation of the inductance of toroidal core power inductors wound by rectangular cross-sectional wire, considering that the current density is inversely proportional to the circular coil radius. The first method is…[Citește mai mult]

  • The integrated impact indicator revisited

    We propose the I3* indicator as a non-parametric alternative to the journal impact factor (JIF) and h-index. We apply I3* to more than 10,000 journals. The results can be compared with other journal metrics. I3* is a promising variant within the general scheme of non-parametric I3 indicators introduced…[Citește mai mult]

  • Refrigerators

    Now here’s a cool idea: a metal box that helps your food last longer! Have you ever stopped to think how a refrigerator keeps cool, calm, and collected even in the blistering heat of summer? Food goes bad because bacteria breed inside it. But bacteria grow less quickly at lower temperatures, so the cooler you can keep food, the…[Citește mai mult]

  • What is a Filter Press?

    In some batch filtration processes, highly permeable suspensions dewater fast compared to the rest of the process. This work explores the impact of fast-filtering compressible materials on the throughput of fixed-chamber filter presses. The dewatering properties for a compressible yet highly permeable minerals processing…[Citește mai mult]

  • 60 years of integrated circuits

    An integrated circuit is a semiconductor wafer on which thousands or millions of tiny resistors, capacitors, and transistors are fabricated. Sometimes called a chip or microchip. The invention of the integrated circuit made technologies of the Information Age feasible. ICs are now used extensively in all walks of…[Citește mai mult]

  • Engineering Essentials: Fundamentals of Hydraulic Pumps

    When a hydraulic pump operates, it performs two functions. First, its mechanical action creates a vacuum at the pump inlet which allows atmospheric pressure to force liquid from the reservoir into the inlet line to the pump. Second, its mechanical action delivers this liquid to the pump…[Citește mai mult]

  • What is a 3-Phase Motor and How Does it Work?

    Three-phase motors (also annotated numerically as 3-phase motors) are widely used in industry and have become the workhorse of many mechanical and electromechanical systems because of their relative simplicity, proven reliability, and long service life. Three-phase motors are one example of a type of…[Citește mai mult]

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