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    Material:PP, Plastic
    Place of Origin:Hebei Handan, China
    Size:Can be customized
    Color:Multi Color
    Function:Daily Necessities
    Packing:Carton Box
    Products Description:
    Polypropylene plastic is made by polymerizing propylene under the action of a methyl alkyl aluminum and titanium trichloride catalyst under the conditions of 20 atmospheres and 50 鈩? using gasoline as a solvent. It is referred to as „propylene plastic” and the English abbreviation is : PP.
    *When uncolored, it is milky white translucent and soft;
    *Relative density is less than water and can float on the horizontal surface;
    *The softening in boiling water is not significant, without changing shape, the softening temperature is 110鈩?
    *It is smooth to the touch, but non-greasy, and the texture is firm and tough. When the strip is stretched, brittle fracture occurs.Plastic Drum suppliers

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